To be or not to be – a materialist ?

I have been a “good” and faithful consumer all my life however I have always liked to buy second-hand items from thrift shops and flea markets.  Buying in this way was not out of necessity but out of a desire to have a “unique” wardrobe and home !  It seems that consumerism as we have known it is changing, customers are demanding accountability from producers and shops as well as value for money.  This documentary did not give me any new insights,  it only reinforced my own,  that the only way to live happily and sustainable is to be a little frugal – slow consumerism ?


Money can’t buy happiness

Tonight on Channel 5 at 9 o´clock  it´s time for a new episode of  “Rich House Poor House” where two families swap houses and lives for a week – to see how the other half live !!

A related article in The Telegraph, which quoted a survey on what makes people happy, found that those of us “not” living the dream of wealth  and status are actually happier and less stressed than those living the high life.   Interesting questions raised and a few surprises, so check it out tonight.

If, like me, you are not a UK resident, you can see this programme on

Here´s a link to the article:



D for DONATE not dump


I have just finished watching this three-part series following Mary Portus´s project to re-rejuvenate a second-hand store in Kent for the charity Save the Children.  She was given 5 months and it was really tough going.  The majority of the staff, all volunteers were over 70 years of age, were used to doing things their own way.  However with takings down some drastic steps were needed and Mary certainly did that and much more.  I love second-hand, goodwill and vintage stores.  I also love the fact that you are supporting charities as well as reducing your environmental impact  win win !

This is definitely worth watching, you get to see the reality of these shops and what challenges they have to face.   So instead of dumping things either at the second-hand store or into landfill – DONATE. !!


Back to the Land

On the theme of living a simpler life you would think that  a move to the country would do just that, however as Kate Humble and others discover its not all plain sailing.  This is a fascinating look at country life in all parts of Britain and the entrepreneurial people who call it their home.

A must watch series from the BBC for all those who love cooking, creative skills, farming, gardening and much more.  I loved it and will have to tune in every week via

Here is some more information and clips from other episodes.


BBCs Insight


There is a lot of discussion on the TV about how our lifestyle needs to change if we are going to live a sustainable life on this planet. I think this clip is very thought provoking and gives us some hope.  There are many countries who have succeeded where we have failed.  I am trying in my own small way to reduce and re-use and thinking outside the box.   It’s not only good for the environment it’s also good for our wallet !





Easy on the pocket – Christmas Pudding


I haven´t tried this recipe though I am thinking about it. My grandmother always made her own Christmas  pudding and I have fond memories of her busy in the kitchen, singing away !

Making food and desserts from scratch seems to by dying out ! A bit of a shame. I hope that your Christmas preparations are going well and that you  like this clip.


Waste not Want not


Here is another video from Bea Johnson’s household in California.  I need a lot of inspiration at the moment, I have cleared out a lot of unnecessary items and clothing from our house, however I/we have an awful lot to do to de-clutter and we haven´t started in the loft yet !!  It´s getting easier to say NO to plastic bags in shops, NO to plastic lunch boxes, NO to free pens and so on at conferences however it´s soon Christmas – this is going to be a challenge.