A refreshing “down to earth” blog

Todays blog tip :-

This refreshing blog by Rhonda Hetzel who has written the books “Down to Earth”  and “the simple life” is now one of my favourites. She chose to retire early and lives well on less saying that her days are “enriching, productive and meaningful”.  I wonder how many of us can say the same thing !



A must have for frugalisters !


There are so many tips out there for those of us who love going to car boot sales and flea markets.  One of my favourite tips is to have a granny bag – shopping bag.  As a frugal miss I paid 20 kr ($2) for this bag which is great, you can really pack in our treasures and save you back !.

Then of course you need comfortable shoes , a bottle of water and money of course.  I have a “bum bag” or a very small handbag –  there is nothing worse than not finding what you need quickly.

Depending on the season it’s also a good idea to wear layers (just in case)  – if it gets  too cold or too warm you just add or take off.  I am off on my treasure hunt soon so its good to be prepared !  keep you posted !