I have from an early age come to the conclusion that it’s not how much you earn its how much you save.  This philosophy has served me well through my school and university years as well as when I was starting out in the business world.  No matter what I earned I always saved.

Saving money means you become creative, checking out the best deals for your home and family in the shops, buying second hand, selling on unused items, picking things up, literally off the street.  This blog will give you my tips at being a savvy shopper.

This will hopefully ensure you become  richer in your wallet but also in your life.  It’s the little things in life that can mean so much, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a lovely home, make gorgeous presents and nutritional dishes.

 Information about Bettyboo2:

I am a forty something  British woman living in Stockholm Sweden,  a country and city known for being rather expensive !

I am married,  have  a daughter and have lived in Stockholm for 20 years.    We are fortunate to have bought our home before the property market would of made this impossible.  We are also fortunate to own a summer/country house, which is not uncommon in scandinavian countries.


This blog is in the process of developing so there will be new lines all the time !!




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