Eco-Friendly cleaning

I have read Bea Johnson’s book “The Zero Waste Home” twice and still  have the urge to go in for more tips on simplifying life and being eco-friendly.  Her chapter on cleaning products was a bit of an eye opener.  Do I really need so many cleaning products in my home and how are these products affecting our health and environment.   I am not going into the numbers of chemicals in these products or how long, if ever,  they take to break down in the environment, I just find they take up so much space – do I really need a cleaner for this and that when Bea uses only one or two to clean her entire house. Well this is my bathroom haul, in addition to these bottles, there are bottles in the kitchen and shower room.  Bea uses soap and a mixture of vinegar and water instead.  It’s worth a try !!



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