Waste not – want now !!

Food waste is not a laughing matter so taking a leaf out of “The Frugal Girls” blog  I took out all the food in my fridge that was destined for the bin.  Her aim in doing this (left over Friday activity) is to inspire and encourage us however she admits that many feel ashamed when doing this – I did too, however,  looking at the array of vegetables on my kitchen counter I decided to see if some could be used in a creative way.

Anyway here is my fridge contents – not looking so good and the dish I made with them.  Unfortunately some food did get thrown away however I am now composting them so I guess I am doing a little less damage to the environment….


I made this pasta sauce however I peeled the courgettes so the mixture looks a little bit different from my usual batch, however it tasted very good !!

I also made my own coleslaw with the onion and cabbage which was a great hit with baked potatoes !!

Have a good day !




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