Zero Impact

Bildresultat för bilder zero impact Familjen Ohlsson Fleetwood

I am afraid this clip is for  those who can speak Swedish – sorry !! the Swedish tv channel “UR” have a very good series called “Zero Impact” where families from all walks of life evaluate and re-evaluate their lifestyles in order to come down to the recommended koldioxid levels from the United Nations. In this episode the Ohlsson Fleetwood were given 30 days to reduce their waste.  They travel to Ghana where a lot our electronic waste is illegally dumped and is  destroying lives and the environment.  Some of their experiences I can relate to including buying unnecessary electronic “stuff” that is very “in” but ends up in a cupboard.  The other is flying and transport – this family flew 8 times in one year which brought their koldioxid levels to extreme levels.




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