Zero Waste Challenge


January and February have been  hectic  with school start, work and all-go on the home front however I had to have a go at this tip from Bea Johnssons blog (

One of Beas golden rules is to ROT, (the others being Refuse, Recycle and Reduce).  The idea is simple by keeping all food scraps and other composable matter from landfill you will also be  providing your family with compost for our garden –  win-win.

So how did it go in reality ! –

I bought this £6 pot so we could put all our food scraps in .  After one week this little pot was already full and beginning to smell !!    As it is still winter in Sweden and as I  haven´t bought a larger garden compost barrel yet there were only two options, one of which wasn´t feasible ie store waste in the freezer the other being throw it away with the rest of our rubbish.  Unfortunately as our freezer was packed full (as usual) my pot of food scraps ended up in the rubbish bin.  However I did learn some important lessons.  I haven´t given up.  I am going to get a food recycling bin from our local council as a short turn soluation before buying our own compost bin.  I think that it is a little compromise however at least the food waste gets to rot and become bio-gas to fuel our buses instead of ending up in the ground.  I will keep you posted on my progress…


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