A Charitable Act !

 Alice with some of the items she is relying on to complete her 1-a-day food challenge

Lawyer Alice Biggar challenges herself to spend just £1 a day on food and live below the poverty line in a challenge for the Trussel Trust, a charity that tackles poverty.

She has been raiding the reduced aisles of the city’s supermarkets as part of her challenge, which has so far seen her shed 7lb.

She has been living off reduced-price vegetables, supermarket-own brand basics such as soups, pastas and bread, and has even blagged herself some free bones from a local butcher to make soup.

She said: “My best buy was probably a huge bag of parsnips for 4p which I incorporated into a Burns Night supper.

“I’ve also visited Skipchen in Bristol – a restaurant which serves only food intercepted from supermarket bins, and I’ve been foraging for wild berries.”

Miss Biggar has been writing about the experience on her blog.

Alice Biggar with some of the items she is relying on to complete her 1-a-day food challenge (

She said: “Within a few days the blog really took off. People seem to find my suffering humourous.”

“Everyone assumes I would be starving – but I’m not. The hardest part of the challenge is finding fresh food at low prices.”


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“If I can get people to think more about what they spend on a meal then I consider this challenge a real success.”

Miss Biggar says although the challenge has been beneficial to her, she is looking forward to being able to treat herself again.


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She said: “I would recommend everyone tries the challenge for a week – it makes you realise how much we waste on food and it really does make you appreciate what you have.

“On a personal note though, I’m looking forward to having a wine, take-away and film night.”



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