Rich Fie Poor me

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Wouldn´t it be fantastic to live well without the daily 9-5 ?  well I  thought that that was just a pipe dream however I took the time and effort to  go to Rich Dad Educations talk in Stockholm to find out more.  Over 100 other participants were there to listen to  the host Rolf Sweet give us an insight into his life choices, on how to invest in property and make a good living with OTHER PEOPLES MONEY (OPM).   Even though I have worked in the Property business for more years than I can remember I am still fearful of making the first steps into property development myself which is ridiculous really given the fact that if others can do it so can I !  So what words of wisdom did I learn today ?

Make a measurable goal (ie to be financially free in 24 months)

  • Success doesn´t come over night – you have to take one step at a time
  • Be positive – avoid negative thoughts and  negative people !
  • look for the opportunities, know your market and make contacts !
  • mix with like-minded people and educate yourself, the more you know the more you can save, invest and earn.
  • Assets are not assets but liabilities – if they are not giving you an income !
  • and last there are no problems ONLY opportunities

Here is a summary of some of the points made  –

Bildresultat för rich dad poor dad images

Well what have I done with this wisdom ?

  • I have written a checklist and set deadlines.
  • One of my goals is to start a Facebook group for like-minded friends who like me would like to  get into the property investment market.
  • I have gone through my finances to see how much I am willing to invest ( and lose !!)

what do you think – Rich Fie Poor Fie ??



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