You CAN do it !


Bildresultat för photos recyclable


Being frugal is also very environmental –  We are not exactly ZERO waste yet however this week we only produced one bag of waste.  Bottles, cans, plastic and paper go to be recycled.   I am now thinking how can I simplify this further, how can I buy less glass and plastic.

well I don´t take plastic bags in the shops  even if they are free of charge!

I have asked  companies not to send me their magazines and membership info etc – these offers and magazines always end up straight in the rubbish pile anyway.

I have bought simple cotton bags to take with me to the grocery store so I don´t have to use plastic ones  to put my carrots in !

I have gone through my wardrobes and cupboards and given them a really good and merciless clear out.

Now I am thinking out making yoghurt and even butter at home to reduce the amount of plastic and cardboard further in our house -we´ll see, there are some good how to clips on YouTube, how hard can it be !!


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