Vintage haul !


Last week was a good one in terms of flea markets and vintage.  I have renewed my wardrobe as well as my home.

I visited a popular vintage store in the south of the city  one evening last week.  For 500 kronor (about 50 dollars) I bought two dresses for myself and two for my daughter, one of which was a Tommy Hilfiger and the above cushion for the hall !!  Flea market purchases include storage jars for a nice price of 10 kronor (1 dollar) a 70 s glass vase as well as another West German ceramic vase to add to my collection for also 10 kronor (1 dollar !).


loppis pots

Even when finding bargains I find that I think twice before I buy, there is not point in buying and storing loads of clothes, books and toys, just adds to my anxiety levels ! So now that I have cleared out a lot of space in the house I think before I buy no matter what.

I hope you like what I bought, I am especially pleased with my jars and cushion  !


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