Fab ideas

Tricks and tips come from all sorts of places.  While going through my magazine pile I found an article from 2010 with loads of ideas to steal on how to save money “creatively”.   Not too sure about the sea salt or junk mail envelopes tip but you never know !

  • Shop alone where possible, your friends and family may encourage you to buy more !
  • Stay away from the sales – it’s too easy to waste money and buy things you don´t need.  A suit reduced by 50% is still a waste of money if it´s never worn !.
  • To stop overspending and impulse buying shop online for food and basics ! the first time you do it you create a regular list, saving you time as well as money !

person, woman, desk


  • Swap  skills with neighbours and friends.  Win win !
  • Don´t get a store card, the average interest rate on them is a staggering 25%.
  • When sitting in traffic jams turn off your engine !
  • Just say NO – can save you money – when your screaming child  is screaming for sweets in the supermarket – easier said than done !
  • Go to the library – books, internet access, films and music and even books and magazines are sold cheaply.
  • Instead of hand-creams, rub in sea salt and olive oil for five minutes.
  • Keep the envelopes that come with junk mail.  Stick a label over the return address and then use as normal.’
  • Get the most out of your mascara so when it starts to dry put the tube into hot water.







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