Bottle top art

When visiting a local café my daughter asked the owner politely if she could have all their bottle tops for her art projects.  After making small cup cakes  with them she decided to make letter art.  She clued different paper backgrounds onto card before hot gluing the bottle tops.   Here we have the first letter of our names and even a few more as presents.   Love it !  (forgive the dreadful photo though)


bottle top letters 2


One thought on “Bottle top art

  1. I love this! The longer I craft and do abstract things for art therapy, the more open I become to alternative materials. Bottle caps are a great idea. And I love all the papers! Every time I go craft shopping I walk in swearing I won’t buy paper because I have so much, and then I find more I must have!! It’s all about the paper. I have some good paper in the background of one of my recent projects at Anyway, just wanted to say hi! Your daughter is very creative!


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