Trash to Treasure !

The webpage has become a must see for me !  Click on this link  and see how you can transform flea market finds or “trash” into something everyone will envy and which will give you years of service.  I especially love the clever use of an old piece of wood which made a practical bath tray.  Lovely !!


One might assume that this kitchen accessory's slats are only fit for slim blades, but a clever blogger had another idea.




With the help of a drill (and some bold paint), this knife block gets a second life as a kid-friendly art station. Get the tutorial at Thrift Diving »


One of the dresser drawers turned into extra storage that can hold pillows, books, or even kids' toys at the foot of a bed. The other half became a chic console table. Get the tutorial at Two It Yourself »



The finished product adds an element of warmth and relaxation to a soaker tub. And a handy notch means you don't even have to hold your wine glass. Get the tutorial at 17 Apart »


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