Penny Pinching Fashion



I have a favourite summer dress (see above), bought from Mango two years ago for about 300 kronor ($30).  Having worn it so many times, and always feeling comfortable and good in it,  I have been on the hunt for another.  Unfortunately for me that dress is no longer available and I haven´t managed to find anything quite like it.  So I decided to make one just like it – “how hard can it be I thought !”.

So I bought 2 metres of black cotton fabric from IKEA and set out to recreate the dress.  (two metres of fabric cost only 60 kr $6) Having had many a go at dress making as a teenager I hoped that I could copy the dress by simply chalking around the current dress and sticking on the chalk line – easy peasy !!

I managed this in an afternoon – it´s not haute couture however I am pleased with the end result, so much so that I will be making another one, this time with a longer skirt.

Here is the  after shot.  Hope you like my penny-pinching fashion…




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