Choose to RE-use !

Recycling and Re-using furniture is HOT !   Here are some of the finished projects that inspire me to get the paint brush, hammer, nails and glue out. I hope they inspire you too !

  • This table below reminds me of a table I got for free from one of our neighbours.  However at the time we didn´t have the space, or time to up cycle it so I passed it on !  IF I had it still I would probably paint it in blackboard paint and put it in my daughters bedroom.  This one isn´t that bad either !

  • Last year I bought two old suitcases which now are used as memory boxes for my daughter and her projects.  They cost $10-20 each a real bargain – great storage as well .  I love this revamp on an old suitcase, itsn´t it elegant !

  • I love English bone china and have bought some lovely blue and white tea cups in the second-hand store recently.  I have also bought cups and saucers which I have made into candle holders (see my earlier blogs)  I love this idea too ! maybe I will give it a go.

Bildresultat för recycling furniture

  • A friend of mine made a fantastic coffee table out of a pellet which you can find for free or next to nothing.  I like this table too.  I have recently seen tables like this one in the stores for about $500.  What a saving to make you own.

Bildresultat för recycling furniture

  • I am now into saving cans again ! love this idea for the window sill or as a gift.

Bildresultat för recycling furniture

  • We have an old door, not so unlike this one in our shed.  It was originally in our cellar, however I plan to give it a good scrub and place it in the hall or living room as a feature or mirror as this one below. Love it !

  • This is another great idea, why not use an old door as a table.  There is not end of creative ideas to make you home your own, and save money as well.

Bildresultat för reuse old furniture


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