Blog: RICH-ness made simple!


Charlie Söderberg is a well-known figure on Swedish TV as a former host of “Lyx Fällan”, a programme where families and individuals in financial trouble ask for help from the experts.  While googling one evening I came across three short tv spots in which Charlie discusses “being rich”  and how to achieve the life of your dreams.  The interesting thing with his philosophy is that being rich is not  just financial !!

He mentions three ways to look at “being rich”:

  • Physical  – the car you drive, the house you live in, your body and your health
  • Psychological –  how you feel, your views on life
  • Economic – time and money – life balance

His view is that  nothing is impossible.  Just spend 15 minutes  every month with your family to discuss dreams, goals and review the familys progress… what do you want from your life in 3-5 years – what do  you want if anything is possible ? what small steps can you take today to make this dream a reality ?

Charlie also describes active and passive  income, one where you invest a lot of your time and energy ie work and are paid for your effects, the other is passive income, ie you spend a lot of time and energy for a limited time period and then you are paid for you effects over time, ie your write a book, sell the rights and get paid royalties for many years to come, rental properties, interest from shares  etc.   For the majority of us 95% of our income is active and only 5% passive.  However the ideal for the most of us is the opposite –  95% of our income comes from little effect,  5% of our time and energy.

Anyway I have not always been a great fan of Charlie however he raises some interesting questions that I and many of us should ask ourselves now and again.


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