Fie buys Flea !!

 fie flee finds 18 april

It´s great to go to a second-hand shop and buy things for nearly nothing. Today I went out to the shops to buy photo albums for the 1000 photos that we developed recently.  Before going to our local shopping centre, I popped into my favourite second-hand shops.  Not only did I find those photo albums but I also found much much more all for 100 kronor ie $10.  Unbelievable !

  • Four photo albums ( each would normally cost at least 50 kr $5)
  • One party dress (new would cost at least 150 kr or $15)
  • One pink rain jacket (would cost around 150 kr $15 at least)
  • Two dolls (25-50 kr each new )
  • One table runner which I will make into a cushion (50 kronor new in shops)
  • A photo frame ( on trend gold frame would expect to cost at least 50 kr)
  • Cinderella’s wand  (30 kr)

In another of my favourite stores I bought the following, this time also for 100 kronor $10.

  • A cream blouse (would normally cost at least 200 kr or $20)
  • A pink training jacket for my daughter (again at least 150-200 kr or more new)

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