Go Compare !

Compare Your Life has potential

I am enjoying watching a British Channel 4 series now showing on Swedish TV ( called “Compare your life” or “Nytt liv i sikte” in Swedish.

The programme allows a couple/family who are unhappy with their present life, to test drive another !   Through assessing the families present life, their wishes and priorities as well as their finances, the presenter Calton Hood presents them with three options and follows them as to try out the one option that tricks most of their boxes.

I have watched s one couple who dreamt of a life for themselves and their children in France decide that buying a village post-office actually gave them the life of their dreams.  Another couple decided to buy a craft and cafe business not far from their current home.  Its compulsory viewing for me at the moment.   I guess that a part of me would also like to put some of my business ideas into practice.  Its a tough call – maybe we all need a life coach / life is too short !




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