My favourite stores



We went shopping last Saturday in an area of town I haven´t been to for a long time !  low and behold there was one of the largest Stockholms Stadsmission shops there.  Must have been at least 800 sq m of clothes and brick a brack.  I bought a v-neck, a black leather handbag,  a shawl, a blouse (which I was really pleased with since I have seen similar ones for about 1000 sek my price 40 sek $4) and a lovely 100% cotton dress for Summer.  The total price for two bags of clothes came in at 250 sek $ 25.  SO this is now my absolute favourite second-hand store.  

My second favourite is of course Myrorna.  I have bought some lovely handbags here !



Röda Korset in the south of Stockholm is great too, I remember buying a samsonite suitcase for 5o sek $5 there which has had a lot of use over the years.  I also bought my TOD handbag there for an amazing price.


Last but not least is Möjligheternas Hus in Skarpnäck Stockholm.  It´s amazing prices and high quality furniture is a great place to find bargains.  I also donate a lot of items to them for a good cause.


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