A Sad Sofa story !



Our worn out sofas deserve to retire !  not too sure if that means a new lease of life ie new slip covers or put out to pasture – which would be a shame as they have served us well for 17 years.

I am checking out both options, to see which one fits us best and our frugal pockets.  To buy a sofa in a creme would go for at least 14 000 Swedish kronor.  To get our two sofas re/upholstered would cost from 16 000 Swedish kronor plus fabric for both.  It’ s a shame that making good sofas last longer by recovering them costs more than new.  These sofas are probably  better quality than those on sale today as well.  They are Bauhaus sofas, an American brand no longer available in Sweden.  I have even contacted them in the US to see if they make loose covers or sell similar fabrics to ours without success.  Shame !

So there is our dilemma. Above is a picture of a lovely living room which I would love to have.


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