Vintage wreath


This would look great in the living room –  just need to find an old book to demolish – I guess its time to hit the second hand store !!


Victorian Christmas

I loved the the BBCs series the Victorian Farm  so much so that I bought the box set !  this clip shows how simply you can decorate a Christmas tree.  Having seen decorations not so unlike these in the shops I will  definitely be making  my own this year.


Frugal Fashion = Smart

I saw a great programme last night on Swedish TV ( It´s called “Kvalitet” “Quality” and is all about clothes and how you should buy and look after clothing.

In the past, looking after your clothes was essential.  I remember my grandmother “darning” my grandfather’s socks and sewing on patches on my jeans just to make them last a little longer!   Nowadays  Fashion is disposable.

This is a great programme and series (in Swedish) for all of  you out there who need some inspiration.  Key words – quality lasts longer, it´s better for the environment and smart. Hope you enjoy this programme as much as I did.


Harris 1