My TO DO list – CHECK !

to do list

I am always writing lists, it feels great ticking things of.  At the moment my list looks like this:

  • Clear out the shed and work space in cellar
  • Dig up wild corner in the garden
  • Sand down living room floors
  • Go through the loft and get rid of, sell or give away unwanted items – also find out what the h*** is up there.
  • Clean fridge – this is a dirty job but someone in the family needs to do it!
  • Go through kitchen cupboards – I bought a coffee set over 10 years ago, it´s never seen the light of day, it has to go!
  • Clear out wardrobe in the hall – it´s a real pain when you are in a rush in the morning and you can´t find the other shoe!
  • Build, buy or borrow book shelves – our present ones are collapsing under the weight of the books!
  • tidy store room outside sauna and clear out sauna – it’s a real dumping ground !