Flea Fun

nykvarn loppis 2014 close upNykvarn loppis 2014

A good days’ worth –

6 pocket books for 5 SEK each in perfect condition

4 egg cups for 10 SEK, new in the shops at least 10 SEK  each

Winter boots for my daughter for 20 SEK, new at least 400 SEK

A tea pot for 30 SEK, I saw one exactly the same recently for 300 SEK

Shells for 15 SEK

Two lamp bases for 40 SEK,

Chinese parasol for 20 SEK

A globe light for 40 SEK and a range of curtains for 50 SEK

And last but not least an autumn jacket for 30 SEK again for my daughter.   A jacket just like this in the shops would cost at least 250 SEK.