Mission: Debt Free – Week Two

Inspired to write down everything I buy in a week – need or want !!

Simply Tiny Freedom

Welcome to the second post for Mission: Debt Free! (If you don’t know what Mission: Debt Free is, check it out here and then come back to this page to see it in action.)

7/18/14 – 7/24/14

Each week I’m going to start off by letting you know how much debt I had at the beginning of the week. (I get paid on Fridays so, for the purposes of this project, a week will be from Friday to Thursday.) Keep in mind this is just my debt. The total amount of debt a person has is a very personal thing so I’m not including any debt that belongs to my husband. I will tell you though that, because of his student loans, his total debt is even more than mine.

  • Student Loan Account 1: $8,681
  • Student Loan Account 2: $3,735
  • Consumer Credit Card 1: $2,353
  • CCC 2: $2,235
  • CCC…

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