Frugalista rules !


As with anything there are some ground rules that frugalistas must follow, they are as follows;


  1. It’s not what you earn it’s what you save – this has been my mantra and has worked.  No matter how little I earned I always saved, a little or a lot every month into a savings account – it soon adds up.  Important though to have a goal for saving – a holiday, car, deposit on a house etc.
  2. Free or flea – there are webpages such as Tradera, Blocket, eBay, Craigslist etc. where you can get things for free, someone else’s junk could be your gold.  Otherwise flea markets, second-hand shops, garage sales, eBay are great for getting something special at a great price – it’s like a treasure hunt.
  3. If you have to buy it, buy it cheaper – do your research on the web and newspapers, sales are on nearly all year round so compare prices so you get the best deal possible.
  4. Living for less –  if you can’t earn more, save more then you need to spend less – find other ways of earning extra cash, by renting out a room in your house/flat or as we have done renting out our summerhouse.  Make lunchboxes instead of buying expensive lunches every day at 100 kronor, it all adds up.
  5. Make a budget – how much do you spend every month on food, clothes, bills etc., if you don´t know what you spend how can you know how you can save.  I have realised that we spend far too much on take away food, pizzas, McDonalds etc. – this is something we can do without!
  6. I have tried to NOT spend at all for a week and found this experience invaluable.  Ask the question – do I need this or just want it!
  7. Eat less meat – it’s a frugal tip and a healthy tip!
  8. Go to the library – great for the whole family, DVDs, magazines and books, its great!
  9. Less is more – sell your unwanted items, declutter and feel stress free!  do you really need these items ?
  10. Last tip – if you can’t afford it don’t buy it!