Reducing the food bills !



What does one do with all the bits of soap left in the soap dish??  Most people like me throw these bits away – until now!

Food costs take up a large chunk of our income.  I am always on the look out to buy quality food, reduce waste and ensure that we have the basics at home.

One of my favourite tips is our large black board on our kitchen wall.  We have had this for many years.  Not only does it look good, it ensures we never run out of food.  By writing up our shopping list on a daily basis, we are not so inclined to make hasty decisions in the supermarket while shopping.


My other favourite tip is to make lunch boxes.  My husband and I have worked out the average lunch in Stockholm is 90 kronor, if we both eat out at work this mounts up to a hefty sum every month, what a waste !.  So I make our lunches every Sunday, and freeze.